Ali kamal is a
Product and web developer

Ali is a Stockholm-born, swedish solution specalist and software designer. See small bits of his work on Codepen, Github, and a full resume on Linkedin.


Building responsive web applications, designing impactful tools to optimize technology utilization, and crafting user-friendly documentation as a technical writer.

Ali Kamal strives to expand his expertise and prioritize the needs of users by integrating user-centered design principles with software engineering.

Ali also specializes in technical copywriting, excelling in creating instruction manuals, comprehensive how-to guides, informative journal articles, and other supportive materials that effectively communicate complex and technical information.

#3 Ali Kamal works with corporations, institutions and startups in a wide range of industries.


Testimonials from clients:

"Ali Kamal was hired as a Software developer and designer, what stood out with Ali was that he cared about our product success. He was positive, willing to go the distance to get the job done and brought his best every day".

"Ali is a super sharp and analyzing intellect, "a doer" with deep technical knowledge and above all a talent to work with people".
Monli Studio

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More links: Codepen, Github and Linkedin.